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Imported brands from eu to cz

We are importing RIVIERA Schweden Bitter 250ml and 500ml from Austria to the Czech Republic. We are the exclusive partner for it.

Original Schweden Bitter Riviera


Original Swedish Bitter is a high-quality product made with choice herbs using an age-old formula.  Its purpose is to increase one’s general feeling of well-being. The bitter components of wormwood herb and gentian root not only provide the liquid with its typical flavour, but also stimulate the appetite. It is refreshing and calming when one has the feeling of being too full and after fatty meals. The other herbs in this mixture serve to round off the unique flavour.

Recommended use and advice:

  • daily dosage: 2-3 x 1 tsp. (ca. 5 ml) either diluted in tea, water, etc. or pure, depending on agreeability

  • shake before using

  • store at room temperature

  • keep out of the reach of children

Note: Original Swedish Bitter is registered as a medicine. SÚKL code is 0211992 for 250ml and 0211993 for 500ml. National registered number is 94/464/14-C.

Original Swedish Bitter contains no laxative agents, no added sugar and has an alcohol content of 38 Vol.%.

Where to buy:

Pharmacies - we are able to supply any pharmacy in Czech Republic or ask you contracted wholesaler

Final customer - ask in your local pharmacy

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